To Fix Brother Printer not Printing Anything.

To Fix Brother Printer not Printing Anything.

Brother printers hit the preference list of every buyer who is on a printer hunt. Brother is a well-known printer manufacturing brand that is providing useful services to its customers since ages. Printers form brother are popular among consumers because of their exclusive features. Despite incorporating advanced technologies, printers are not free from technical errors. Users often complain that their Brother printer is not printing any document. Are you facing the same error? Looking for support? Your day just got lucky because we provide optimal support to Resolve Brother Printer not Printing Anything Issues.

Printers mostly fail to print when the driver is outdated or if the driver installation has failed. If your printer spooler is not working, printers will begin to malfunction. If the drivers are not compatible, they will not be able to receive print jobs and as a result printing process will remain pending. Is your Brother printer not printing anything? Don’t panic;

Steps to resolve Brother Printer not printing anything issues


  1. Check the interface cable on both printer and your computer
  2. Make sure that printer is plugged in and not in power save mode
  3. Check to see if the LCD is showing an error message
  4. If the LCD says cannot print and replace ink, replace the ink cartridges
  5. Verify that the correct printer driver has been installed
  6. Make sure that the machine is online. Click start and then printers and faxes. Choose Brother MFC-XXXX where XXXX is your model name and make sure that use printer offline is unchecked
  7. When you choose print odd pages and print even pages settings, you might see a print error message on your computer because the machine pauses during the printing process. The error message will gradually disappear after the machine re-starts printing

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