To Fix Canon Printer Error Code B203

To Fix Canon Printer Error Code B203

Canon printer error code B203

Canon printer error code B203  occurs mostly when there is fault in windows registry or there is corruption in operating
system.After a firmware update this error message can also be viewed. Printer error code B203 directs the printer to turn off and visit service center in order to get it fixed. This is totally unspecified issue.You must be wondering about fixing the B203 Canon Printer error code? Well you dont need to worry about it, Let it be detected by our Technical experts. Most of the time you see the Canon printer error b203 because of the fault of Windows regstry or corruption occurs in Operating System. You see this error whenever you follow a firmware update.Printer error code B203 tells the printer to turn off and let the service center check it. It’s an unspecified issue.

After Spending a Lot of time we now understand that  Struggling in order to Fix Canon Error B203 Can Make Anybody frustrated because there is no Exact Available Solution & No Clear Manual to fix the Issue. Let’s Understand the Problem with a Clear Mind So that we Can Find the  Solution.

We Are Going to Enlighten you Today on What is Error B203 in canon & How Do you
Fix Canon printer error code b203.

What is Error B203 In Canon Printer-

According to Canon, it is a Service Pointing Error Towards an Internal Failure But Like Most of the Printer Errors this Problem can also Related to Jam but this is Unlikely is Paper Jam.

Certain Reasons Behind Canon Error B 203 –  as we have Collected Data Offline & Online Lot of People have Reported this Problem in a different manner So Lets List of Most of the Probable Issues That may Cause this Error.

  • The print head is Damaged Or Jammmed.
  • A recent update in firmware.

Fix Canon Error B203 –

Today, we will walk you through some steps that you can use to get rid of this error message on your Canon printer.

  • First of all, turn off your printer and make sure all the ink cartridges are full.

  • You can try to pull all the ink cartridges out from the printer and make sure that there is plenty of ink in them.

  • Make sure to turn on your printer and what you need to do is let the print head move to the left side of the printer.
  • You need to wait till the print head moves to the left hand side.
  • It will also load up the configuration settings of the printer and  make printer fast to communicate.
  • Process needs to be repeated if it does not clear itself and print head should not be parked up on the left hand side at all.

It needs to be on the right side. Sometimes you need to repeat the process again, if you
see this error message on the screen, “ERROR CODE B203” , then there is issue with Windows
registry section or the system files are corrupted.
In order to fix Canon Printer Error Code B203, we need to reach service center to get this issue resolved, but because of the assistance from our Canon specialized expert team, we do have the option to make some changes to delete this error message for some time.
 Fact that the greater part of the printer errors on a computer happens because of issues like wrong installations of computer programs, incorrect setup of new software programs or wrong installation of significant documents.

Additionally there can be harware associated issues  like paper jams, incorrect installation of ink cartridges, etc. Depending upon the reasons, we have to portrayed here some solutions for investigating and fixing this Canon printer B203 error successfully.

Scanning of a document from your Canon printer.

Whatever the error in printer you are having, it is constantly important to make a fast scan through the printer Troubleshooter in order to correct the internal issues of the printer that may cause the B203 error.

  •  Download  Canon scan utility software from the official Canon website that is compatible with your printer.
  • Click on START SCAN to make a scan of the document from either scanner glass or the paper feed tray through your printer.
  • Click on NEXT and after that FIX NOW to fix the common printer errors being detected
  • Restart your printer to make sure to save all the settings you made

 Check for the Paper Jam

Even a small and little bit of paper or a little piece of the pin or a paper clip can  be the cause for this B203 printer error . So open up your printer and check thoroughly inside of the printer whether anything is hindering the printer allowing the print head to move freely in the printer. Take out any unwanted material or a piece of paper that you find inside the printer to bring your Canon printer work properly and back to its state earlier when it was working fine.

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If ink cartridges are not installed correctly, you need to install them correctly –
In the case that the ink cartridges are not appropriately situated to their individual apartments, this printer B203 error may happen. So as in order to avoid it, turn off your printer and open your printer and push down the ink cartridges to their positions immovably until they make a click sound.

Uninstall & Reconfigure Canon Printer –

when you see things not working out for you & none of the steps were Able to rectify the issue than perhaps its time for you to Uninstall the printer driver & Reconfigure the Printer driver again.

  • go to control panel of your computer & under Programs & application Please select your Printer Driver to uninstall the driver & remove it from the Printer List as well
  • Restart the computer & go to official canon Website to download the latest version of your driver.
  • once downloaded just run the installation file & follow the onscreen instructions

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we hope all this information would have helped. please Provide your Feed via your comments so we can improve the Quality of our Guides. we will be eternally thankful for your feedback.

Canon Printer Customer Service:-

With the help of above given  methods, a Canon printer user may resolve this error code B203 from its device very easily. But if for some reasons the above-mentioned methods do not work it simply means that there is any other problem with your printer. To resolve your issue, you now need to contact Canon Printer Customer Service  toll-free +1-833-781-7918  for a quick and accurate solution. Certified technicians of Canon printer customer support can online diagnose the issue present in your printer

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  1. I tried everything but nothing helped but after cleaning the cartridges with warm water and tissue fixed my issue. Thanks a lot for the article

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