To fix Paper Jam in Canon Printer 

To fix Paper Jam in Canon Printer 

Firstly, make sure there is no waste paper in printer output and input tray. Check for paper clip also and if there is waste paper found, Go and try to pull the stuck paper gently and then you will be able to remove it from output tray. But sometimes you wont be able to do so. In that case turn the printer around and when you see a latch with arrow pointing to the left side , you need to push the latch towards left hand side and that will open the printer. You will now be able to see the jammed paper inside printer. Gently take the paper out . Remember if you try to pull out the paper forcefully t may damage the important sensors of the printer and it would stop detecting the paper in tray.


paper is badly stuck, not coming out –

There are certain cases in which you may face issues like you are not able to take paper out taking the paper out because the paper is badly stuck in the printer rollers and print head.

In those cases, you must turn the printer on and the paper will come out through the way where the cartridges are installed.

After that you can then turn the cartridges to the left or right corner and take out the paper from the tray.

Also, make sure there are no pieces of paper left behind as these residual paper pieces can get stuck in the printer when you try to print a document again.



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